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thoughtful design

thoughtful design

Design is all around us, from the shampoo bottle sitting in your bathroom, to that itchy, scratchy label in your t-shirt. It bombards the senses in a subtle and subconscious way, but deconstructing the whys and ways that make it an amazing piece of design is rare – who has the desire, need or time?

For every concept, whether simple or complex, there are a multitude of rules and regulations that whirl around in a designer’s head as a visual identity unfolds. It’s not science, but it kinda is. So, in a nutshell, here’s what’s being considered behind the scenes:

Alignment: position is everything, no one wants a sloppy line-up
Hierarchy: it’s that shout out moment or when you want to whisper
Contrast: opposites attract and make for great chemistry
Repetition: boring in conversation, great for emphasis in design
Proximity: as in life, relationships are so important
Balance: who doesn’t like stability even if asymmetry rules
Colour: the theory of colour is a whole other blog subject!
Space: even those blank spaces are carefully curated

So, the next time you see something that makes you look twice, there’s no doubt that particular graphic designer has delved into these eight principles, with huge success.

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