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An integrated creative agency with luxury brand knowledge at its core.
marketing, communications, copywriting, presentations, events, strategy, branding, luxury
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Sometimes when writing, a metaphorical neon highlight is needed to emphasise an idea or get across a point without resorting to overstatement. That’s where three comes in. Using words or phrases in groups of three offers a rhythm that no other phrasing can quite replicate. Long been a writing principle, the law of threes gives gravitas to a comment and provides poetry where the mundane could...

Pick a number, any number. Chances are it will be seven. Long-associated with notions of luck, balance and power, we’ve been musing on the significance of this prized digit as we swiftly approach our 7th birthday! Since launching FlamingoRose back in 2010, we’ve grown from two freelancers brimming with ambition and ideas, to a multi-service creative agency that is a go-to resource for some of the...