Flamingo Rose | Oostwegel Collection
An integrated creative agency with luxury brand knowledge at its core.
marketing, communications, copywriting, presentations, events, strategy, branding, luxury
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Oostwegel Collection

About This Project

FlamingoRose was hired to upgrade and anglicise copy across the entire Oostwegel Collection property portfolio. The tone had to reflect the luxury product and draw on the brand values of this established Dutch family-run business. Also provided keyword research to best optimise the new text.

“We asked FlamingoRose to rewrite all our website copy, ensuring it was fully optimised for search engines. We felt highly valued, particularly because they made the time to visit us in The Netherlands to fully understand the product. Even though we were in different countries, it was very easy to work with them. We will definitely collaborate again in the future.”

Camille Oostwegel Jr, Director Business Development, Oostwegel Collection